Trends Corner by WGSN

Theme 1 – Protect & Connect

Singaporean brand Omno’s bodycare is designed for tropical Asian climates, while Base foundation by BaseofSweden is created to resist sweat and clogged pores. US haircare brand Climaplex uses CP Reparative Technology to protect hair from “the rigours of external weather extremes and internal central heating and air conditioning” Known for its Climate-Smart system, Pour Moi’s Weather-Proof collection features Smoke Alarm Drops to protect from smoke pollution, Sunlight Drops for those who lack vitamin D3 and Rain Drops to support dehydrated skin due to dry environments.
Dermalogica’s Skin Pollution Index lets users input their location to find out how pollution is affecting their skin, alongside a quiz that recommends a personalised skincare plan.

Beauty culture
UK-based Skin Trust Club allows users to swab their skin to receive lab-assessed results and a personalised routine based on their environment. UK clinical testing house Labskin has launched the Microbiome Friendly+ Seal of Approval certification. To qualify, formulations must be extensively tested to ensure they leave the levels and composition of the skin’s microbiome intact. Brands that have received this seal include Tula, Gallinée and Ayurvedic brand Plantkos. Gallinée (France) microbiome toothpaste contains probiotics to fight plaque and cavities, while Fermento’s (UK) range of supplements support the skin, gut and immune system. Nutrafol’s (US) hair microbiome trio balances the scalp microbiome and supports hair growth.

The perfect dose
FaceGym’s Active Blast vegan collagen skin booster includes 28 days of super concentrated collagen capsules, said to be six times more repairing than traditional collagen. French brand La Roche-Posay provides “the perfect doses of anti-ageing to repair, regenerate, moisturise and replump” the skin with its seven-day intensive programme of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 ampoules. Kiehl’s calibrated its Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum into a “perfect daily dose”, while UK-based Skin + Me’s Daily Doser offers a dermatologist-designed daily dose of skincare with the twist of a cap. In personal care, Better & Better allows users to ‘micro-dose’ vitamins while brushing their teeth with its vitamin D and B12-infused toothpaste.

Lazy perfection
‘Imperfections’ such as freckles and beauty marks will be embraced, with products such as Freck’s faux freckle pens used to accentuate them. The clear gel Glassy Blush from Italy’s Espressoh creates flushed cheeks based on the wearer’s pH levels. Ultra Violette’s SPF50 Tinted Veil comes in 11 shades that adapt to users’ skin, offer lightweight coverage and UVA/UVB protection. YSL Beauty’s Nu Lip & Cheek Balmy Tints are formulated with orange blossom, shea butter and hyaluronic acid. Honest Beauty’s Fresh Flex Concealer is made with nourishing skincare ingredients and designed for blendable and buildable coverage. Ourself’s Lip Filler restores lost hyaluronic acid for fuller lips, while the Overnight Lip Plumping Mask from Lawless is a treat-while-you- sleep hack.

Theme 2 – SenseScapes

Aura beauty
US brand Born Bathing aligns its products with astral energies, linking planets with colours, elements and plants. UK-based Palm of Feronia infuses its hand-blended skincare with whole crystals imbued with reiki energy to provide emotional benefits. Each bottle of London, UK-based Vyrao’s organic fragrance is associated with positive emotions and contains a supercharged diamond crystal energised by its in- house healer to “promote the intention within”. Lisbon’s Mycoocoon offers immersive colour treatments, with users taking a digital colour test to reveal the ‘colour of the moment’ for relaxation and balance. SwearBy Skin’s (UK) LookLit LED mask is worn like a pair of sunglasses, making it ideal for beauty snacking.

NYX Cosmetics (US) sold 8,430 digital NFT avatars that represent BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people for its Pride campaign. New York-based AMEŌN appointed digital human Rhea to represent its Baby Buddha serum. Rhea was designed by applying digital scans of human skin to ensure the digital iterations were as true to life as possible. Created by a collective of 100 women with Down’s syndrome, Kami is the world’s first virtual influencer with Down’s syndrome. Clinique designed 1,196 make-up looks for a collection of Daz 3D- created virtual avatars, of which 66% are of colour and 16% have a disability.

Skinfinity and beyond
Swiss ingredient supplier Clariant has developed activities based on NASA’s findings on skin ageing in space. Korea’s Curicare has its LED Mask Haru Pink programmed by NASA-developed tech, which offers skincare benefits in eight minutes by penetrating 7mm into the skin. UK-based 111Skin was developed in collaboration with scientists from the Soviet space programme using NAC Y2, a patented formula to protect astronauts’ skin while in orbit. China’s UNISKIN designed its Wrinkle Eye Reducing Cream 2.0 in conjunction with China Aerospace Culture. The product has planet-inspired packaging and targets the anti-ageing process in “a limitless environment”. US singer Ariana Grande launched r.e.m. beauty with intergalactic styling and sci-fi formats that merge 1960s nostalgia with metaversal colours.

Diaspora beauty
Using turmeric as the core ingredient, Toronto-based Yellow Beauty was inspired by the Bangladeshi founder’s family knowledge of using it for redness and breakouts. Dezi Skin draws on its founder’s Mexican American roots with a custom blend of Mexican plum fruit, dragon fruit, açaí berry, tamarind, mango, guava and avocado extracts. 54 Thrones is inspired by its founder’s Nigerian heritage to honour generational beauty rituals and the natural resources of Africa, such as shea butter, Kigelia africana extract and marula oil. US-based Indian skincare brand Ranavat’s Resurfacing Saffron AHA Masque blends Ayurvedic saffron and turmeric with AHAs and backs ancient knowledge with clinical trials. YINA merges traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with modern wellness rituals, integrating green science with products to address issues such as the climate crisis and pollution.

Theme 3 – Creative Confidence

Age-inappropriate beauty
US brand Jones Road’s make-up is formulated with nourishing skincare ingredients that work for all ages. Founder Bobbi Brown aims to encourage women to embrace themselves in all forms, from grey hair to ageing skin. NY-based Laura Geller Beauty is made for mature skin. Its Lifted Lids collection can make eyes appear lifted with crease-proof finishes. American ‘gran-fluencer’ Helen Ruth Elam, aka Baddiewinkle, is a 93-year-old defying age-appropriate standards. She worked with INC.redible on a boob mask, lipgloss and highlighter, encouraging consumers to #BeYourBaddestSelf. 19/99 Beauty (Canada) believes age does not define beauty. Its all-over coloured pencils and multi-use gloss are designed to be used by anyone, whether 19 or 99. Haus Labs (US) is made for all ages, skin tones and genders.

US hair brand Good Dye Young has cultivated a safe, inclusive community that encourages self-expression via neon and pastel semi-permanent hair dye. Puerto Rico’s Necromancy Cosmetica offers vegan matte lipsticks in shades such as burnt orange and forest green, with an “eye towards the occult and the creative”. ISAMAYA (UK) debuted with its Industrial collection housed in a black latex-like material and includes detachable metal piercings. Chinese brand Documents’ HUMAN perfume series inspired by imperfection has six scents named after ‘human flaws’: Naive, Mean, Shy, Sensitive, Stubborn and Off.

Nightlife luxe
KVD Beauty (US) invites followers to #TattooYourWay with its Tattoo Pencil Liners. About-face’s (US) Eye liners “encourage eye contact” as “nights of free-spirited fun come back into existence”. The return of festivals will inspire collections, as demonstrated by Pley Beauty (US). Milan-based SimiHaze Beauty explores the duality of make-up. The Magnetic Eye Quad can be applied dry or wet, enabling transition from day to night. Donni Davy’s Half Magic offers the Wing Magician, a reusable silicone eyeliner guide, while Adornment Tweezers aid application of face gems. SimiHaze’s eye stickers help achieve a bold look in one step.

Redesigned beauty basics
US brand Pacifica’s reusable silicone masks create a vacuum-like seal and come in four variations: under eye, lip line, brow and smile line. A reusable sheet mask by Experiment (US) uses 90% less waste than single-use masks and is said to provide 44% more hydration vs serums alone. ILIA Beauty (US) transferred its multi- stick range into a six-pan palette housed in mono-material packaging without a mirror, making it kerbside recyclable when cleaned. UK-based Lush’s waterless oral care collection features toothpaste tabs and jelly, providing FUNctional and sustainable solutions to beauty basics. Appealing to the Universals, Brooklyn- based Meloway’s adjustable mascara wand bends 90 degrees in all directions.