2022 Conference Program

22 August 2022


10.30 – 11.10
Packaging Design 360° Trends Review

Considering the growing consumer awareness toward luxury shopping and aesthetics, multi-awarded designer DENG Xiongbo will present 360° packaging trends that create enjoyable and memorable experiences: with strong narratives, consumer engagement and a modern twist to traditional culture codes.
– DENG Xiaobo, Creative Director of Lingyun Creative 


11.15 – 11.55
Beauty globalization : a 2 way Silk Road
From East to West and West to East, the beauty industry keeps globalization at the core of its development strategies blurring frontiers and accelerating transformation. From ingredient innovation, tech-enhanced beauty to packaging redesign, two major actors of the beauty industry will share their experience and globalization strategy.
– Moderator: Dora Jin, Senior Brand Strategist, Somexing
– Rachel Liu , Marketing Director, CARSLAN
– Laurent Cibot, China Country Manager, Laboratoire Dermatologique INDERMA


12.05 – 12.45
Breaking free of historical constraints to create timeless beauty 
Timeless design has staying power and will be the way forward in this new era, especially for a luxury brand. It shall create products that not only look fantastic and eye-catching when completed but also ones that continue to be impactful for generations. Imagine a product that transcends time and cultural bias. Camus Extra is such an example. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, this product is creative excellence in brand packaging design. Let’s break free of historical constraints and ephemeral trends to create subtle, adaptable beauty that outlasts.
– Hong (Adventi) – fireside chat with Cyril Camus, Président Camus group


14.30 – 15.10
The road of ingenuity, simplicity for change
As one of the most famous makeup artist in China and the founder of MAOGEPING cosmetic brand, Mr. Geping MAO adheres to the concept of “Aesthetics of Light and Shadow”, perfectly matching the oriental beauty concept with that of light and shadow in western aesthetics. He will present a keynote on “The road of ingenuity, simplicity for change”. With his expertise and ideas in the field of beauty, he will share with auditors his view on cosmetic industry, discussing how to discover the balance between technology and crafts, innovation and heritage, and to explore the ideal aesthetic concept.
Welcome to visit the product display which are in the theme of “”Graceful style of Song Dynasty”” and were announced in 2021.
– Keynote by Mr. Geping MAO


15:20 – 16:00
Sustainable Future: Creating New Material Codes for the Green Generation
Sustainable living has become a core concern of China’s middle and upper-class youth. Today, luxury and beauty brands, large and small, have drastically scaled up sustainability pledges and actions. Material innovation aspire as mean to solve the material waste problem by engineering the future generation of biomaterials. Incorporating aesthetics and design principles challenges the status quo of sustainability.
Moderator: HU Bin, Partner of FutureMatters, Co-founder of FuturistCircle
– Youyang SONG, Founder of Peelsphere, Textile designer Kering Generation Award
– Irem ARIG, Material Researcher – HYLOH material consulting firm
– DENNIS LAU – Global senior VM manager – ICICLE


16:00 – 16:30
LUXE PACK in Green ceremony
Award ceremony

23 August 2022


10.20 – 11.00
China by the Sea : embrace Hainan beauty
From travel boom to “Water lover tribes”, Hainan is the new retailtainment destination and an inspiration for Beauty lovers and beauty professionals. Phygital, Transactional and Inspirational.
– Moderator: Yuwan Hu, Research Director, Daxue Consulting
– Jojo Wang, China Representative, HUSBAND RETAIL
– Elaine Zhang, Business development Director Scent & Care, SYMRISE
– Carla Perez Tanguy, Beauty Care Marketing & technical director Apac, SEPPIC
– Chloe Goncalves, China Sales & Retail Marketing Manager SUPERGOOP (TBC)


11.10 – 11.50
Red Planet centdegrés roundtable
Following its visit of Luxe Pack Monaco, the red wave is about to land at Luxe Pack Shanghai 2022, bringing you a taste of the future: discoveries and experiences between packaging, innovation, tech and emotions, with one common RED thread.
– Matthieu Rochette Schneider, Managing Director, Cent Degrès Asia 


12.00 – 12.40
Shisheido Beauty innovation hub
At the crossroad of beauty, wellness and technology, Carol Zhou will present the Shiseido Beauty Innovation Hub, a unique innovation model for Customer-Centric solutions those Chinese consumers will love and develop collaborations with Chinese start-ups and disrupters and create innovation which will deliver true value.
– Carol Zhou, Shiseido Senior VP, Shiseido China Business Innovation & Investment representative Office
– In conversation with Daisy Guo, Co-founder of BuZhiTao, ex Co-Founder of Tezign Technology, “world Economic Forum Global Shaper”, “Forbes 30U30”, Gen.T 100…(TBC)


13.10 – 13.50
The Era of Synergy
Being born in Shanghai and growing up in California, both the rich Chinese history and contemporary American culture had big influence on me. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I travelled to ancient Chinese villages to explore the deep rooted heritage that has amazed and inspired me, but is little known to our modern societies. I started to draw inspiration from eastern philosophy (handcrafts), the great nature, and poetry, mixing with contemporary visual and techniques, and explores the common ground between art, nature, and culture. Today, we and all human arrive at the point where synergy across all fields (human, art, organizations, culture etc)  is much needed than we have achieved, where I am determined to devote my lifelong career in working under synergy and to bring my works onto the world stage.
– Guest of honour keynote Juju Wang


14.00 – 14.40
The Power of Limited Editions: Creative Catalysts for Innovation & Growth 
– Moderator: Mimi YAN, Lifestyle Journalist and Curator
– Rebecca BIAN, LVMH, Moet Hennessy Diageo
– QU YUBO – Marketing Director – MOLLY BOX


14.50 – 15.30
Inspiration 2023: Luxury Design Creative Concepts
Discover in Avant-premiere, 8 creative design concepts from “Somexing Inspirational 2023”, for marketing, innovation, and design teams. With a cross analysis of art, fashion, and design trends in China, Somexing will present turnkey luxury design boards that resonate the latest consumer insights and market trends: a creative journey to colors, shapes, graphics, ingredients, and scents!
– Dora Jin, Senior Brand Strategist, SOMEXING 

All the conferences will be translated in English and/or in Chinese

The conference program is subject to changes up until the day of the show.