Conferences & Round Tables Program

July 7th, 2021


9:30am – 10:10am – How packaging innovation will be redefined driven by new consumer shifts, social impact and ethical commitments?
By Florence ALLEMAN, Designer, PECLERS Shanghai
The health crisis accelerated the desire for lifestyle change. Within this context, a new dynamic is being invented, illustrated by packaging innovations enriched with meaning, committed and sustainable, but also creating sensory & emotional experiences.
Discover our decoding of these innovation levers, bringing about new creative dimensions for the Asian market.


10:25am – 11:05am – MUSH “Natural ingredients from yesterday to tomorrow”
Moderated by Tong ZHANG, Professor, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Susie ZHU, Marketing Director, Meifubao – Uniasia Group
– Xiaofeng QIU, Vice President (R&D), Nox Bellcow Cosmetics
– Ada TANG, Marketing Director, Zhongshan Tentop Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

“Back to Nature” has become a fashion and trend.
Beauty from nature is long standing, such as the ancient Chinese allusions of “Shi Mo Hua Mei” and “Yan Zhi Tu Xia”, which have been circulated so far. Natural ingredients are now part of skin care products. This influence reflects a current growing appetite for beauty care that combines exterior beautification with interior well-being.


11:20am – 12:00pm Herborist SPA, new brand conference : layers on the earth, between beauty & nature
Moderated by Hong ZHENG PhD, Founder of GREENEXT / Adventi Communication
– Weimin YE, Chief Operating Officer, Jahwa United Co., Ltd.
Matthieu ROCHETTE-SCHNEIDER, General Manager, centdegrés China
– Detlev PROSS, Chief Strategy Officer, Coloro Global HQ


12:50pm – 1:30pm – E-commerce packaging: between premiumization, Gen.Z seduction and collectors…
Moderated by Yuwan HU, Associate Director, Daxue consulting,
– Yuhang CHEN, Executive Vice General Manager of E-commerce, Chow Tai Fook
– Yunchao MA, Director of the Eastern Market, Alibaba Group
– Olivia LI, Business Development Manager, Essentia Beauty Asia
– Jiancheng YANG, Technical Marketing Manager, EM Microelectronic


1:45pm – 2:25pm – MUSH ” China Trend Watch: booming online world of prestige beauty”
Moderated by Samuel YAN, E-commerce Commercial Lead, China, The NPD Group, Inc.
– Johnnie LI, Senior Marketing Director, Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.
– Philip WANG, Executive President, Botanee Research Institute
According to NPD China Beauty e-commerce tracker, China e-commerce is already largest market for skincare and second for makeup compared to total market of other countries, reaching $10.8B in total for 2020. What has been the significant shift in 2020 online prestige beauty market? Which category consistently outperformed throughout the year? What are Gen-Z and millennial men passionate about?


2:40pm – 3:20pm – LUXE PACK Shanghai Guest of Honor: Jamy Yang, Designer, Founder of YANG DESIGN
Exclusively at LUXE PACK Shanghai
Jamy YANG is the founder and design director of YANG DESIGN and YANG HOUSE, considered as the “Most Influential Chinese Industrial Designer” by Forbes.
With a combination of German logic thinking and Chinese humanistic spirit, Jamy has formed his own design philosophy and become partner with renowned global brands such as Boeing, Audi, Hermes, Bosch, Hennessy, NATUZZI, Huawei… etc.
Winner of hundreds of design awards all over the world, he is committed to prove that Design can change the society.
Do not miss his keynote on July 7th at 2.40pm on “Kindly Design”


3:40pm – 4:20pm – How to anticipate consumers’ shifts and stronger regulations towards sustainability in the Chinese luxury market?
Round table moderated by Sabine ICHIKAWA, Ph.D, Researcher, Educator, Consultant, in the Creative/ Luxury Industries in Europe and Asia
– Deon WANG, Research Fellow, Packaging Development, P&G
– Guanghui ZHANG, Chairman, Yunnan Gongrunxiang Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd.
– Alizée BUYSSCHAERT, Founder, Zero Waste Shanghai
– Luc BUONO, Founder and Designer, Luc Buono Consulting
2020 revealed to be a positive year for luxury brands in the Chinese market, however they may face new challenges in the coming years. A growing awareness for sustainability among consumers, and stricter rules imposed by the government require to accelerate action plans. This roundtable gathering industry experts will address the link between consumption and production, and the crucial role of the packaging industry in findings solutions for and with luxury brands.


4:20pm – 4:50pm – LUXE PACK in green Awards Ceremony
In the presence of the jury members:
Celine CEN, Development and Sourcing Office Manager, Chanel China
Anna KIM, Global Brand Manager, Camus Yuanliu
– Sabine ICHIKAWA, PhD, Researcher, Developer of Programs in Luxury and Creative Industries in Europe & Asia – ESSCA
– Deon WANG, R&D Director, P&G
– Guanghui ZHANG, Chairman, Yunnan Gongrunxiang Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd..
– Qinglin WEI, Vice-President, Kimberlite Diamond

July 8th, 2021


Moderated by Yun GONG, Director of Investment Department of Pinguan
– Ippei MURATA, Creative Director and Art Director, Shiseido
– Ben TEOH, Cosmetics Industry Expert, R&D Director
In recent years, the Chinese cosmetics market has been booming, and all new beauty products are presenting the concept of health and happiness, not just pure visual beauty and color. So in such a market contradiction, is there a compromise solution? That is, to combine the color attributes of make-up with the health attributes of skin care? Under the current competitive situation in the cosmetics category, do cosmetic products that are safe and even capable of achieving skin care have potential?


10:55am – 11:35am – Perfect combination of design creativity and technological innovation
YANGHE – Special Guest Company
By Yunlin DAI, Vice General Manager of Product Development Department
Through its continuous innovation and the double-wheel driving of design and technology, Yanghe has highly unified its internal quality, external image and brand marketing, and has been continuously upgrading its unique product power.


Moderated by Maggie MEN, Trend Director, WGSN
– Hua ZHAO, Professor, Ph.D., and Director of Department of Cosmetics, Beijing Technology and Business University
– Nancy LU, R&D Director, Shanghai Pechoin Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.
The next generation of skincare tech is using AI, behavior coaching and personalised solutions to empower consumers to achieve their beauty goals. Consumers no longer accept ‘one fits all’ solutions. From diagnostic tools and progress tracking to custom-blend formulations and bespoke recommendations, the smarter, hyper-functional and personalisation skincare will be the future of beauty.


1:00pm – 1:40pm – LUXE PACK Shanghai 2021 & Centdegrés Agency present SEED 2 in 1
Partners panel moderated by Matthieu ROCHETTE-SCHNEIDER, General Manager, centdegrés China
– Bryan DING, COO, Fenshang
– Federico MONTALI, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Bormioli Luigi
– Kiki CHEN, VP of Sales, RC Packaging
– Luc BERRIET, Fine Fragrance Development Director, Firmenich
– William MARK, China General Manager, Fedrigoni
Putting together an immersive experience using technology to initiate the new edge of packaging with a focus on green and sustainable solutions.
Join us to seed tomorrow’s packaging and enlighten the path to new possibilities.


1:55pm – 2:35pm –The use of senses stimulations on innovative packaging & formulas
Round table moderated by Changhai HUANG, Chief Editor, Shanghai Packaging Magazine
Christophe PRADERE, Founder, BETC Design
– Haiyan HE, Co-Founder, Guangzhou Hongzhi Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.
– Pitt GU, Secure Business Promotion Division, Toppan Printing Group
Jean-Yves BRUXER, General Director, Sethic Innovation Labo
This panel will help brands having a global vision on how packaging and formulas are contributing to the consumer’s experience and use of their senses, thanks to new functionalities, new technologies, new gestures…. all features that take packaging and formulas to a new level, still providing luxury to the product and brand, and answering today’s consumers’ expectations.


With the participation of:
Ethan Cheng, Marketing & Sales Director, China, Beautystreams
Self-care is a popular term among women but it appears to be finding a new audience among men following the ever-growing perception that how you care for your physical self also impacts your mental and emotional well-being. As a result, men are looking for personalized solutions and are increasingly conscious of the overlap between grooming and wellness when it comes to developing new self-care routines. There are significant marketing opportunities for brands in linking mental well-being, prevention, and self-care. Create a space where guys can experiment with skin care, encourage discovery, and foster a deeper (yet approachable) take on skin health.
Join Ethan Cheng, BEAUTYSTREAMS’ Marketing Director China, to discover upcoming marketing opportunities as well as the latest product launches illustrating the path towards a new masculinity.

All the conferences will be translated in English and/or in Chinese

The conference program is subject to changes up until the day of the show.