IT Products Awards 2021


This experience started at the entrance of the show, with the display of the 13 award-winning IT PRODUCTS innovations on the MakeUp in Shanghai innovation carousel.
These innovations have been designated IT PRODUCTS by international experts among 38 novelties presented to this competition by the exhibitors of MakeUp in Shanghai.

It was followed by a public vote:the MakeUp in Shanghai visitors were invited to vote for their favourite IT PRODUCTS…and the winner is…


Bravo to the double award-winning SETHIC company and to all the award-winning IT PRODUCTS exhibitors and many thanks again to the expert members of the IT PRODUCTS jury :


Florence Bernardin: founder of Asia Cosme Lab, expert in Asian cosmetics, she analyzes with her team all aspects of products in the most dynamic markets to determine trends, innovations, evolutions and others.

Aurélie Banco: founder of CO-LAB-ORA, a collaborative and ethical cosmetic laboratory. She has 15 years of expertise in cosmetics subcontracting and formulation laboratories of major brands.

Audrey Ducardonnet: independent and texture expert, she analyzes the markets to find the best match between formula and trends.

Serge German: director of the European School of Packaging (ESPEAC) represented by Martial Touzé, packaging manager for major cosmetic brands and teacher at ESPEAC.

Charles-Emmanuel Gounod: cumulates more than 40 years of experience in international B2B trade in the beauty and cosmetics sector, within multinational organizations and family businesses.

Jean-Louis Mathiez: Expert in packaging, creator of the Cinqpats agency, he leaded many innovative projects in the cosmetics sector and has worked for more than twenty years with major brands.

Luisa Oliva: has been collaborating for more than 20 years with companies to create formulas. She also teaches in master’s degrees and professional trainings in cosmetic chemistry and all aspects of cosmetic product development.

Dany Sanz: creator in 1984 of the brand, Make Up for Ever, acquired in 1999 by LVMH, she remained at Make Up For Ever for eighteen years as artistic director. Since 2017, she has been involved in consulting assignments in the development of concepts, tools, and product formulation.